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Vancouver Laneway Housing

Vancouver’s “Laneway House” was part of Vancouver City’s “Eco Density” plan initiation in 2007.  The City of Vancouver adopted the “Laneway Housing Regulations and Guidelines” on July 28, 2009 , allowing laneway houses to be built on Vancouver’s RS-1 and RS-5 zoned single-family neighborhoods.  Laneway housing is aimed to support housing affordability and livability in the city. Recent update to the regulations expanded the zoning and streamlined the regulations and permitting process on laneway housing in Vancouver.

What’s laneway housing?

laneway housing landscapeVancouver’s Laneway housing is a detached dwelling located in the typical garage area of a single-family lot, facing the laneway.  A backyard open space is maintained between the primary home and a laneway house structure. The 59-page “Laneway Housing How-to-Guide” PDF(11.16mb) is available from the City of Vancouver. This guide explains the application process, design standards, and other requirements. It can help you determine the costs and the types of laneway houses you can build.

You can follow this link to view some of the laneway homes posted on the City of Vancouver’s website.

For more information about Vancouver laneway housing, you are welcome to contact James Wong at 604-721-4817.

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