Vancouver Laneway Houses

by admin on November 3, 2015

Vancouver Laneway houses

laneway housesThe approval by the City of Vancouver to implement the Laneway Housing Policy since 2009. Laneway houses in Vancouver play an important role in achieving Vancouver City Council’s priorities to increase the supply of rental housing options across Vancouver city. Laneway houses help to increase the diversity of rental units in single-family neighbourhoods,

Since 2009, homeowners have taken on the idea to build laneway houses on residential lots. Beside new home construction application, most of the building permit applications are now reported to be related to laneway houses.

Contact Form Laneway HouseThis type of compact dwelling located at the back of a single family lot has taken off and it is growing in popularity with homeowners in Vancouver East and West.

Most single family dwellings in Vancouver are eligible for the construction of laneway houses at the back of the building lots

The common reasons for Vancouver laneway houses are due to their appeals to diverse groups of people:

  1. Laneway housing offers an additional opportunity for the home owners to have additional living space for their own occupation, or renting out the laneway house for extra income.
  2. Laneway housing provides more opportunity for renters to live in detached and ground-oriented rental housing. Many renters favour living in the neighborhoods where they grew up and went to school.
  3. It provides additional housing that preserves the existing streetscape and adds character, vibrancy, and security to the lane
  4. Laneway houses in Vancouver provide housing for diverse groups of people, including seniors who like to downsize to live in customized living spaces more conducive for aging seniors who may have physical challenges.
  5. Adult children may want to live independently and yet just steps away from their parents. , and renters who want to live in detached housing

Laneway housing provides more opportunities for people to live in the city, close to their jobs, services, and in neighborhoods they like to live.

You are welcome to browse the resources on this website to learn more about Vancouver landway  houses.

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