Checklist: Laneway House Construction

Checklist For Laneway Housing

Construction of a Laneway House (Applicable RS Zones) Development and Building Application Submission Requirements – April 2014

PRIOR to submitting an application for the construction of a laneway house, it is imperative to confirm that site servicing (sewer, water, gas, etc) can be accomplished for the laneway house. The requirements and the additional costs to connect the laneway house to the sewer, water, gas and electric systems may range from a few thousand dollars to over $25,000.   download

You can view the checklist with detailed information required by the City of Vancouver can through the pdf file link to the right.

Vancouver laneway houseA home owner who is planning to build a laneway house is strongly encouraged to obtain the advice from a Development Planner, prior to proceeding with their plan to build a laneway house. To request a meeting, call 604.873.7611.

A detailed How To Guide can be found through the link below:

A home owner may also talk to the local laneway house general contractors and builders who are more than happy to provide the guidance and advice on the process to have a laneway house built on his/her lot.

If you need to talk to a laneway house builder, you are welcome to contact James Wong at 604-721-4817.

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