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Vancouver Laneway House News & Articles

Since 2009, the adoption by the City of Vancouver allowing laneway house (Google photo images) to be built at the back of a single family lot within certain Vancouver zoning requirements, laneway housing took off and gained wide acceptance by the residents of Vancouver.

galleryBelow are some articles and news reports highlighting the progress of laneway housing in Vancouver over the past few years:

Laneway House Tour – 2015 Oct 22, 2016

Growing popularity of laneway houses raises concerns about insurance
CTV News – September 18, 2016

Teardown: laneway house densification trend sparks intense competition for East Vancouver lots
Business Vancouver – May 17, 2016

I Live In A Vancouver Laneway House – January 8, 2016

Laneway House Tour – 2015
October 24th, 2015

Laneway home dream turns into ‘absurd’ nightmare
CBC – April 8, 2015

Lessons from my laneway house
Homes & Design – March 4, 2015

Vancouver Laneway Homes: An Explainer
Huffpost British Columbia – Updated September 30, 2014

My laneway house
Homes & Design – February 11, 2014

Vancouver approves near-record number of permits for laneway houses in 2013 – December 28th, 2013

Vancouver laneway housing: “gentle densification” – September 29, 2013

Laneway houses continue to soar in popularity in Vancouver

Vancouver Sun – December 29, 2013

Vancouver issues more than 1,000 laneway house permits – Sept 28, 2013

Vancouver laneway housing to be reviewed by council – dated May 13, 2013

Vancouver architects cheer laneway boom
Globe and Mail – Mar. 25 2013

Are Vancouver laneway homes an affordable housing alternative?
Globe and Mail – Mar. 25 2013

The Laneway House: “Can we make intelligent changes and keep the integrity of single-family houses?”
Vancouver Magazine – September 2010

Vancouver’s EcoDensity Program Produces an Explosion of Small Green Modern Design – June 1, 2010

Local couple to put the test to Vancouver’s first laneway house
Vancouver Observer – March 8, 2011

“The little house that went to market”
Globe and Mail – Feb 5, 2010

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